The Flyer’s Bay Rechargable Big Size 360’Rotating Rc Stunt Car (Color May Vary)

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The Flyer’s Bay Remote Controlled 360 Degree Twister Stunt Car for Kids CIRCLES 360 DEGREES TWISTS ALL ROUND FORWARD REVERSE AMAZING SUPER SPEED AND STRONG. Amazing Super Turbo Summer Sault Racer Multifunctional Remote-Controlled Magic Aerobatic Stunt Car, Turbo 360 Degrees Front Axle Spins, Super Wheelies Spinning Action Blazing Speed Special Feature Create your own stunts at your command Front Rotating wheel with 360 degree spinning action. The super spinning action allows it to perform various cool stunts that other standard RC Cars can’t. Just connect the batteries (not included) and it’s ready to do amazing flip overs and super wheelies with blazing speed. Features: Brand New, Sealed in Box Cool Flashing Lights in tires Wireless Radio control Turbo 360 degree front axle spins. Package Includes One Stunt Car One Remote Control One Charger . COLOR WILL BE SEND AS PER STOCK AVAILABILITY. Recommend Age 3+




  • Experience the thrilling & excitement of 3rd generation radio control RC Car
  • It moves and operates with brilliant flashing multi-color LED lights and presents itself with creative and imaginative movements by the use of the RC remote, which makes it a very special RC product.
  • The RC stunt car is completely unique due to its complex design, which lets the user be creative and develop their own stunt moves and techniques. This model looks even better when used in the dark, the flashing LED’s and the stunts performed will dazzle and impress everyone watching. Kids of all ages will love playing with this brand new toy
  • This RC car moves very fast and with its rubber covered wheels, it will work great on any surface, smooth or rough. In addition, you can operate this particular RC car in uneven playing field and watch it go. The front of the car has a 360 deg rotary axis with three wheels at the top, so when it tumbles upside down it just keeps on going! This radio control car is a must have item, it will bring amazing joy to a child’s face and simply make their day


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