Frequently Asked Questions

The Flyer's Bay

We love toys, and everything about them. For over 4 years, ‘The Flyer’s Bay’ has created great RC toys for children around the World – toys that are fun, innovative and safe. We know this because we not only dream up and design great toys – we actually make them too

We Not only aim at selling toys but also providing Great Service. Thus We bring to you Spare Parts of each and every remote controlled model that we sell, just in case you need the extra edge.

What is Unboxed Store?

On Customer Demand, We launched the Un-boxed Store.All toys sold here are 100% genuine.Only Difference is that they might have a damaged box or slight scratches, but the products will be 100% working and has passed all our quality check.We Sell them at Huge Discounts, So good that we don’t think we would be able to manufacture at that price.

So if you want to try a toy, or use them for spares requirement, you have all your options in hand

Is there any Warranty for Unboxed Store Products?

Since the unboxed store products are sold at very low prices, we do not offer any warranty. However, in case of manufacturing defect, if the customer raises a complaint within 24 hours of recieving the product, It will be replaced.

How Long will it take for delivery of product?

As we recieve the order, the product is usually dispatched within 24-48 hours. The delivery time depends on location to location and can be anywhere from 3-5 days depending on delivery location and size of product.

How to request for Spare Part?

Spare parts are available in the spare category on our website. However if you are unable to find the required Spare part, Fill up the Spare part request form under Spares Toggle on the top of the page and we will make the required part available in no time.

My Product is Broken, How do I get it repaired?

We offer repair services in two ways.

  1. If you can help us provide which part is damaged or broken, we can send a spare of that part and you can replace it yourself or with help on any local technician.
  2. In case you are not able to figure out the damage, you can courier the product to us after a conversation with our representatiove at +918882177771. We will let you know the nominal charges once we recieve the product

Should we Buy from your website or Third Party like Amazon Flipkart?

Products sold on our website are 100% genuine.

The products sold on third party websites through Seller ‘The Flyer’s Bay’ are also 100% genuine. Please do not buy any Flyer’s bay product from any other seller than ‘The Flyer’s Bay’